Explore the alternative side of Centro, the diversity in Liberdade, and discover what makes São Paulo such a great city! <3 


oscar freireSão Paulo is the shopping capital of Brazil. There is a great place to go if you are looking for bargains: the 25 de Março Street. However if you want to spend a lot of money investing in designer brands, go to Oscar Freire. Even if you buy nothing, both addresses are great leisure options. Towards the end of the year, the 25 de Março St. gets packed with one million passers-by per day. Can you face it? Now, if you want tranquillity go for a walk on Oscar Freire and hit one of the fine coffee shops or excellent restaurants in the area.

img masp4 minutes walking is all that takes for our guests to get to the MASP. There is no excuse to miss it! The freestanding space supported by two lateral beams over a 74 metres (243 ft.) designed by Lina Bo Bardi is one of São Paulo’s most important landmarks.

beco batmanIt’s the bohemian stronghold in São Paulo where you can go for a walk, meet people and drink (options for all budgets). The Vila is a place with cool shops and home for many artists who exhibit their work. It’s worth checking out the area. Oh yes, don’t forget to pay Beco do Batman a visit, an open air graffiti gallery.

biscaThe Biscate party happens every two months in São Paulo and gathers the best DJs who play indie, nu disco and more… Visit the website of the party, check where and when, and enjoy one of the most alternative and coolest nights in the city. Only those with their names on the list will be allowed in.