Policies and rules

Booking and confirmation
1. The bookings can be done online, directly on the Soul Hostel site or through partner sites.
2. Once the client made a reservation at the Soul Hostel, he/she accepts and agrees with these policies which establish the terms of the Hostel service agreement contract, from the reservation throughout the stay, and also define the reciprocal standards.
3. The online reservation made by the client is subject to confirmation by email which will contain a summary of the services available, the Hostel address, booking date, name of the guest and a copy of the terms of the current policy.
4. In order to request a reservation, the client should provide his/her credit card details or pay one day accommodation through bank deposit, being the client aware, since this moment, of the Hostel booking cancelation and no show rules.
5. In case of reservation request made through bank deposit, the client should send the payment receipt to the Hostel within 48 hours under penalty of not having his/her booking confirmed. This form of payment is only accepted if the period between the booking request day and the check-in day is no less than 72 hours.
6. Bookings for those under 18 years of age won't be accepted. People under 18 years of age is prohibited to stay at the Hostel.

Hostel Nights
7. Hostel stay starts at 13:00 and ends at 11:00 of the following day.
8. The client acknowledges and agrees that he/she should vacate the bedroom before 12:00 (noon) on the last day of his/her stay.
Check-in and Payment
9. The guest should check in at the Hostel reception.
10. The Hostel won't allow guests to enter any earlier than they should. The guests are kindly advised to inform their estimated arrival time in advance.
11. The payment for he nights booked must be done necessarily at the time of the check-in.
12. The Hostel accept accommodation and expenses payment by Visa and MasterCard credit and debit card owned by the guest and cash.
13. Payments done by third-party credit cards won't be accepted. The credit card must be owned by the guest (same title and name) and by no other person.

Booking cancellation and no show
14. If there is the need to cancel or change the dates of the reservation, the guest should notify the Hostel in writing. The Hostel staff will reply the request to the guest within 24 hours. Booking cancellation or alteration requests done by phone will not be accepted at all.
15. In case of reservations made through partner sites, the booking cancellation or alteration requests should be made directly though the website responsible for the booking, in accordance with the specific procedures and, for date alterations, the room availability.
16. The booking cancelation can be done by the guest within 48 (forty eight) hours before the initial booking date without any costs.
17. The cancellation done by the guest in less than 48 hours from the initial booking date is subject to the payment of a fee equivalent to one night of lodging, charged to the credit card supplied by the guest at the time of the booking.
18. A penalty is applicable for any no-shows and a fine equivalent to one night of lodging will be charged to the credit card supplied by the guest at the time of the booking.
19. We consider no show under penalty of a fine and booking cancellation when the client fails to show up for the check-in at the Hostel up to 23h59min of the initial day of the booking.
20. The booking will be automatically cancelled if the guest does not show up until 23h59min and fail to notify the Hostel that he/she is going to arrive after such time.

Booking Alteration
21. Alterations to the booking dates will be subjected to the bed and bedrooms availability. The request should be made in no less than 24 hours before the initial booking day, otherwise a penalty is applicable and a fine equivalent to one night of lodging will be charged to the credit card supplied by the guest at the time of the booking.
22. In the case of interrupting the stay, the guest should notify the partner site about his/her request and the site will then inform the methods of reimbursement. If the guest booked directly with the Hostel, he/she should go to the Hostel reception and request the cancellation of the stay and the refund should be done accordingly to the rules established in clauses 17 and 18.
Services and Prices
23. The prices are determined by the period of use and date.
24. The Hostel night price includes the accommodation, the daily room cleaning services, bed linens and towels, Wi-Fi and breakfast.

25. The guest is the only one responsible for his/her choice of services and his/her respective adequacy to the specific needs and the Hostel will not be responsible in this aspect at all.
26. Every illegal, inefficient, incomplete or fraudulent booking or payment, for reasons attributable to the guest, will result in cancellation of the booking to the client's expenses, without prejudice to any court proceeding.
27. The pictures shown on the site are merely illustrative. Even though the photos do offer the most realistic image of the facilities as it could possibly be reproduced, variations of the accommodation services available might occur, due to change of furniture or refurbishment. The guest has no right to complain about it. At all.
28. For safety and security reasons, guest's visitors won't be allowed in the bedrooms.
29. The Hostel won't be responsible for the client's non-performance or improper performance when making the reservation in the event of forces majeures, such as other people's actions, the client or his/her partner's actions; unavailability of the website or internet, external attack or intrusion, computer virus; or in the case of non-authorized prior payment by the payer's bank.
30. The Hostel won't be held responsible for the non-performance of its duties due to the event of forces majeures. It shall be considered fortuitous events or forces majeures those recognised by Brazilian national law or by public authorities expressly empowered for that purpose by Brazilian national law.